At Tarbh Tech, we carefully select the technologies we employ to ensure deep expertise in service delivery.

Tarbh Tech, managed security services provider for Irelands SMEs, offers a range of secure networking and Microsoft 365 related services to give your business the edge.


Secure Domains & DNS

Never has a professional internet presence been as critical to the success of small and medium enterprises. A consistent domain, email, and web presence can help to build your brand and communicate with your clients. More and more SMEs are now expanding to offer eCommerce capabilities, exposing them and their clients to increasing cybersecurity challenges.

Tarbh Tech offers domain name registration and comprehensive DNS management through its partnership with Cloudflare, one of the largest providers of secure internet solutions. Protect your identity with domain privacy tools, reduce DNS impersonation attacks with DNSSEC, and reduce SPAM and Phishing with SPF, dmarc, and dkim records, configured and managed by the Tarbh Tech team.​

Secure Web Hosting

A professional internet presence demands professional web hosting. While there are a bewildering number of options available, many solutions are excessively confusing or lock your business into specific platforms with limited flexibility. Tarbh Tech will deploy and manage a secure, dedicated WordPress based website for your development team, where you retain full control. Our standard offering includes:

- Choice of hosting location (Azure, AWS Lightsail, Google Cloud, or Tarbh Tech).
- Dedicated Linux instance, secured with latest EDR tools, remoting logging, automatic patching, and image-level backups.
- Tuned WordPress installation, which powers over 40% of the Internet, configured with development, staging, and production sites.
- Elementor Pro page builder for professional-looking websites. Professional web development services are available if required.
- Automatically renewing SSL certificates, and website proxying and acceleration by Cloudflare.
- Upgrade to PCI-DSS compliant Web Application Firewall from Cloudflare available.

Secure Next-Generation Firewalls

The global reach and flexability of the Internet not only opens your business up to new opportunities, but also to new and evolving risks. A internet connected device will experience thousands of "drive by" attacks every day, but the bigger risk to your business is from malware, arriving in email, external media, or BYOD devices, communicating outwards to Command & Control systems.

To adequetly protect your business, Next-Generation firewalls are required. A Next-Generation firewall is one which can scan and block traffic for malware, intrusions, or communications with known malicious sites, whether from the outside, or within your network. Additionally they provide Web Filtering, SDWAN, and secure VPN connectivity.

Tarbh Tech has partnered with Fortinet to offer a range of Next-Generation firewall "as-a-service" to SMEs in Ireland. This service is inclusive of:

- Models selection depending upon staff numbers, throughput, or high-availability requirements.
- Antivirus / AntiMalware / Intrusion Prevention / Web Filtering / IP Reputation.
- Design, configuration, and deployment.
- Business hours management of moves / adds / changes / upgrades.
- Remote logging and reporting.

Secure LAN Networking

The ransomware which impacted Irelands Health Service Executive in 2021 was delivered by email and allowed the hackers over eight weeks of access inside the network before the attack was triggered. Businesses need visibility of network devices and traffic, not only at the perimeter but within their networks in order to detect and stop these cybersecurity threats as early as possible.

Tarbh Tech offers a range of Fortinet LAN switches and WiFi access points, which, when paired with Tarbh Techs' Firewall as-a-service, delivers a single pane of glass view of all network devices and activity. In addition to high speed and reliable network access, you can now apply security rules to guest users on Wifi, BYOD devices, or segregate legacy or unsupported systems from internet or other network traffic except under specific and controlled conditions.

Microsoft Licensing

At the core of many of the Tarbh Tech offerings and services are technologies from the Microsoft Cloud, i.e. both Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Over the years, licensing and cost management has become more complex as new products come to market. This can lead to mistakes, additional costs, or incorrect product assignments.

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Tarbh Tech can assist you with your Microsoft Licensing needs. In addition to sale of Microsoft Office 365 licenses, Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio subscriptions, and perpetual software such as Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and others for on-premises workloads, we offer:

- License reporting, and optimisation.
- Cost management.
- Group based automatic license assignment.
- Trials and special offers.

Microsoft 365 Management

Microsoft Office 365 is the leading email and collaboration platform in use worldwide today. Launched in 2011, it evolved to include a comprehensive suite of online applications and software to meet the business needs of a wide variety of businesses of all sizes. More and more critical business data is being stored in Office 365 daily.

Tarbh Tech works with its clients to:

- Ensure Office 365 meets best practices for configuration, including domain name configuration, license management, multifactor authentication (MFA), role-based access control, and business federation.
- Minimise SPAM and Phishing such as spf, dmarc, and dkim records.
- Improve security, minimising the introduction of malware to the business with Microsoft 365 Defender with anti-spam, anti-malware, and safe link policies.
- Conduct incident response, e-discovery searches, and phishing simulation training.

Microsoft Teams Phone System

Replace legacy voice solutions with the leading cloud-based PABX, Microsoft Teams Voice, allowing you to run your business from anywhere. Microsoft has rapidly become the industry recognised leader in unified communications with its’ Microsoft Teams Voice solutions, surpassing every other provider in recent Gartner research by more than an order of magnitude.

Break the ties to traditional phone lines with Microsoft Teams Voice solutions and services from Tarbh Tech. Whether you are a sole trader seeking a professional voice system which can work from anywhere, or a larger organisation migrating from an on premises wired pabx, Microsoft Teams Voice can deliver work anywhere flexability, advanced call handling with autoattendants and call queues, and timesaving voicemail to email capabilities.

Secure Endpoint Management

No longer is company data held safely behind the corporate firewall in the office. Your staff need access from multiple locations and devices, whether a corporate desktop, a personal laptop in the home, or a mobile device when travelling overseas. Microsoft Endpoint Manager, along with Defender for Endpoint, ensures the security and integrity of business data by:

- Zero-touch provisioning with Windows Autopilot, Apple Device Enrollment, and Android Enrollment.
- Packaging and deploying approved software applications to managed devices.
- Unified security management with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enables quick, automated remediation of app vulnerabilities.
- Limit access until devices are compliant with encryption, antivirus, firewall, and other security technologies to protect work data.
- Windows 365 in the cloud combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC for contractors, software developers, and industrial designers; Windows 365 enables a variety of new scenarios for the new world of work.

Tarbh Tech works with clients to design and deploy Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Intune, and Defender for Endpoint to ensure secure, managed access to business data from mobile devices, BYOD, laptops, or even Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

Secure Azure Cloud

Public cloud computing has revolutionised the IT landscape for large enterprises for many years. However, many smaller businesses struggle with effective adoption due to cost management and security governance concerns.

Tarbh Tech truly believes that Microsoft Azure's capabilities can offer value to businesses of all sizes. We work with SMEs to effectively use Microsoft Azure to modernise their IT landscapes by:

- Manage configuration, auditing, patching, and security of on-premises servers with Azure Arc.
- Scalable, fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry-standard SMB and NFS protocols which can replace on-premises file servers.
- Practically infinite and cost-effective storage for backup data in Azure Blob Storage.
- Automate and integrate applications and data from disparate systems using Logic Apps.
- Deploy and Test new applications rapidly using Azure Virtual Machines.
- Full-featured development capabilities for software with Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, and Function Apps.

Secure Backup

Unfortunately, for many businesses, the only means of recovery from a ransomware attack is restoration from backup. Data protection for files, email, and business applications has never been more important. Or more complex due to the placement of data and workloads in public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, or Office 365.

Irrespective of location, you are responsible for the protection of your business data.

The Tarbh Tech team has over 20 years of enterprise data protection experience, backing up workloads from single workstations to Office 365 environments with thousands of users. Tarbh Tech can offer flexible data protection capabilities from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, robust ransomware protection and recovery options with hardened immutable storage, dependable cloud‑native backup options, Continuous Data Protection and much more.

Security Incident & Event Management

The proliferation of datasources and security tools results in a proliferation of portals and applications which need to be checked consistently. That's where Security Incient & Event Management systems come in, bringing these disparite data sources together, and applying rules, and machine learning to spot patterns which arouse suspicions.

Due to the upfront costs and extremem complexity, SIEM systems were frequently out of the reach of SMEs. Now with Microsoft Sentinel, this critical component of IT security is available to everyone. Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise, putting the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience to work. Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI). With many connectors to Microsoft and Third Party data sources available, the following data can be ingested for free:

- Azure Activity Logs
- Office 365 Audit Logs (all SharePoint activity and Exchange admin activity)

And all alerts from:

- Microsoft Defender for Cloud
- Microsoft 365 Defender
- Microsoft Defender for Office 365
- Microsoft Defender for Identity
- Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
- Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Tarbh Tech offers services to design, configure, deploy Microsoft Sentinel, with ongoing maintenance services to ensure that detection rules are tuned to meet the latest threats.

Security Testing & Compliance

Effective management of IT systems for reliability and security frequently means doing the simple things, consistently. Compliance frameworks help with this by providing guidance, policies, and controls for businesses to follow. For SMEs, Tarbh Tech offers assistance with two such frameworks:

- CyberEssentials
- ISO 27001

As well as providing policy frameworks, goverance platforms, and project management, Tarbh Tech can also provide:

- Security Awareness training
- Phishing simulations
- Vulnerability management
- Internal breach testing